Pumpkin Stencils

Create Amazing Halloween Pumpkins With Pumpkin Stencils

Halloween is one of the holidays that my family and I really look forward to, and one of the most exciting things my family likes to do together for this holiday is to carve pumpkins using pumpkin stencils.  It can be fun to go to a local pumpkin patch a couple of weeks before Halloween and let each of my family members select his or her favorite pumpkin.  Once we get them home, we are ready to decide how we want each pumpkin to look depending on its shape and on our ideas.

Pumpkin Stencils
A Pumpkin Stencil
My children love searching for just the right pumpkin stencils to make their pumpkins look professional.  We all work together and make a party of the night, complete with music and treats.  We wash the pumpkins and use a pumpkin saw to cut out a lid around the pumpkin stem on top.  Then we all dig the seeds out of the pumpkins, first using our hands and then using large metal spoons.  Some of my kids pretend the seeds and strings inside the pumpkins are the brains and have a lot of fun with it.  We wash some of the seeds and toast them in the oven with some flavoring to eat later.

Pumpkin Stencils
Last Holloweens Pumpkin :)
Once the pumpkins are cleaned out, we wipe down the outside to get it clean and dry and attach the pumpkin stencils with tape.  We then each use a small nail to poke along the lines of the pumpkin stencils.  I usually help do this part for the younger children.  Once we have our patterns ready, we pull the paper pattern off and begin to carve.  I have found it best to start with the small cutout areas first and then move on to the bigger ones.  

If you go online, you can find some excellent pumpkin stencils in a variety of styles.  You can choose scary designs, words, animals, or even people.   I like the many free options as well as the ones that I can purchase.  If I want pumpkin stencils that are more intricate, I will need to pay for them, but it is always worth it. I can get great instructions on the best way to carve my pumpkin right along with the pumpkin stencils when I order them.  By using the pumpkin stencils with the included instructions, I have created pumpkins that have amazed me and my family.  We always put lighted candles in our finished pumpkins and place them outside on the steps to take pictures of them when we are finished and then enjoy them for the rest of the season.

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